ABOUT ListedBlue

On the fundaments of Dutch Master Architect H.P. Berlage, in the not yet opened, new exhibition space of the Beurs van Berlage, we proudly present the first edition of ListedBlue.

ListedBlue - an exclusive collection of meticulously sourced, handmade, and highly individual objects - pays homage to an archetypal ethos of a time before creation became production. ListedBlue objects are unfinished, imperfect and barely functional, they have never claimed economic value. Analogous to registering endangered species on so-called red and blue lists, ListedBlue operates as conservator of these objects.

In the spacious vaulted basement of the Beurs van Berlage the collection is shown in 3 embodiments: the Object, the Image & the Download. The presentation of objects, photos and 3d-prints intertwines contemporary languages of art, product design and archeology. Playing with uniqueness, editions and infinite reproducibility ListedBlue questions value and values. The collection challenges notions of craft, materiality, authenticity and aura. On the eve of a new technological revolution ListedBlue celebrates imperfection, topples perceptions and replicates untold personal stories.

Unseen Festival shows this first edition of ListedBlue on an interesting and paradoxical site. Beurs van Berlage: a temple for capitalism, built on socialist beliefs. The exhibition will open Sunday 20 September with an introduction by art historian Jeroen Boomgaard (UvA & Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam) who will talk about the relationship between art, democracy and capitalism. Friday September 25 Sasha Stone (former managing director Unseen, art historian, and currently specialist modern and contemporary art at Sotheby’s) will mark the close of the exhibition together with a guided tour through the Beurs van Berlage.

The exhibition is part of the Hidden Treasures programme of Unseen Festival, access with Unseen ticket (Day Ticket Onsite €19.50 / Online €16.50).

Unseen, the international photography fair and festival focused on new photography, will take place from the 18th to the 20th of September 2015 at Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek. With 54 international galleries, Unseen Photo Fair highlights the most recent developments in contemporary photography by presenting emerging talent and unseen work by established artists. New in 2015 is the Unseen Festival, a 10-day celebration of photography in the city center. From the 18th to the 27th of September, Unseen brings together many of the city’s institutions, galleries, artists and initiatives using photography in unexpected, innovative and provocative ways in a programme that is sure to challenge, inspire and excite.

Unseen Photo Fair: 18 - 20 september 2015
Unseen Festival: 18 - 27 september 2015

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